For the second year in a row, Floridian shaper Ricky Carroll walked away with top honors at the Sacred Craft “Tribute to the Masters Shape-off” honoring Bill Caster presented by Ice-Nine Foam Works. The craftsman competition pitted contemporary shapers in a battle to replicate a classic Caster design (a Chris O’Rourke model winged pin channel hull). Carroll bested Ward Coffey, Timmy Patterson, Matt Calvani, Ned McMahon, and Chris Christenson in a ridiculously tough judge’s call, as all the boards were absolutely beautifully shaped.

“The boards were so well crafted, that just a few minor tweaks by Billy (Caster) himself and they’d be green-lighted for glassing,” explained judge and master craftsman Hank Warner. “All six of these guys should be proud as they honored Bill by putting their hearts into these boards, which is what Bill would have done, and it really showed.”

Ricky Carroll earned a $1000 prize and a full page advertisement in SURFING magazine. On top of that, Carroll’s name was etched into the Midget Smith perpetual trophy for the second consecutive year and shaping legend Terry Martin, along with Smith family members Chris & Pat Drummy and Sean Haggar presented the trophy to an elated Carroll.

A packed Wyland Exposition Hall, filled with 4000 stoked surfers, watched the six craftsmen shape during the two day surfboard festival. The “Tribute to the Masters Shape-off” presented by Ice-Nine Foam Works is a chance for the various surfing clans to gather and honor a deceased member. Bill Caster’s family and friends gathered in force in what turned out to be an extended family reunion within the Caster lounge next to the Akeena Solar shaping bay.

“The people who put this tribute together did an awesome job,” said David Caster, son of the late Bill Caster. “My entire family is very thankful and touched by the outpouring of great vibes over the weekend. The six craftsmen truly honored my father’s legacy and we thank them as well.”