Rémi Bertoche was born in the beautiful town of Biarritz in 1977. Raised by artists’ parents, he decided at an early age to pursue his dreams and become a professional surfer.

He followed the Surf World Tour WQS from 1998 to 2003 and created his first company at only 20. He worked closely with some of the biggest brands, in charge of the design and creation department, overlooking some important projects.

When he is not going around the world for his exhibitions and special orders, Remi spends his time in his art studio in the French countryside somewhere in the pine forest by the ocean.

His three Art-Books 'Rémi Bertoche Art' Volume I,II and III, translated in English, Spanish and Japanese have been sold around the world and welcomed with great success. Charismatic, passionate about his work and challenging projects, Remi has the capacity to enlighten space with a natural and exceptional talent.

Now he is set to embark on a tour, exhibiting his work in surf shops throughout Europe from March-October 2009. Each stop will be for just one day, with a live painting show, a private view exhibition and the potential to buy signed prints of his work.

For more info, go to: bertoche.com.