SIMA’s Humanitarian Fund is today benefiting from the almost $13,000 in donations generated by the Reef Board Build-Off at ASR September. A line up of seven talented shapers came together to create the best looking, ready-to-ride, surfboards ever imagined. A chrome-like 9’0 longboard shaped by Jed Noll took the highest honors with a bid of $5,800.

“In the fourth Reef Board Build-Off a very unique quiver of seven boards were shaped, opening the dialogue on what is possible in surfboard shaping today,” says Bob Tanner, Marketing Director at Reef. “We’re also proud that some of the best shapers in the world are lining up to participate in future Reef Board Build-Offs.”

The array of boards created for the event was displayed in the Board Builders Pavilion at the heart of the ASR show. Participating shapers, chosen by Reef, included Terry Martin, Bob 'The Greek' Bolen, Jim Phillips, Jed Noll, Fletcher Chouinard, Danny Hess and Reef Apparel Designer, Dan Marriner, as the ‘7th Shaper’, representing Reef.

The fundraising at the Reef Board Build-Off was part of the larger Liquid Nation fund-raiser benefiting the SIMA Humanitarian Fund. The weekend’s charity efforts cumulatively totaled around $250,000 that will benefit 13 deserving charities around the world.

“Originally, I wanted to go with a board that looked like it was all chrome (ala the Silver Surfer), but wasn't satisfied with the way it came out, so I called in an airbrush artist, Dan Scholz, to add the finishing touches,” says Jed Noll, who received $1,000 from Reef as the ‘winner’ of the Board Build-Off.

Jed was born and raised in Northern California surrounded by big trees, cold water and the legendary shaping knowledge of his father, Greg Noll, who helped start the shaping evolution for Jed. Currently, Jed is based out of Santa Ana, California, working closely with the Watermen’s Guild, which is considered by most to be the highest quality glassing company on the coast.

At Surf Expo, January 10th-13th, the Reef Board Build-Off becomes a battle of the coasts as East takes on West. Reef and Surfing Magazine will pick six shapers from each coast to participate in the first-ever ‘team’ format of the Board Build-Off.

The public recently went online to choose twelve Orange County shapers to compete at the next ASR Reef Board Build-Off, taking place January 24th-26th. The Reef Redemption Fund will be the beneficiary of both January Reef Board Build-Offs.

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