The Quiksilver Young Guns North Shore Diary is a dedicated website that will be updated daily from the North Shore of Hawaii. Starring surfers from the new award-winning Young Guns 3 film - Aussie Julian Wilson, Frenchman Jeremy Flores, Tahitian Michel Bourez, local ripper Clay Marzo, Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater and mini-Gun Garrett Parkes, it's sure to be one to add to your favourites list.

Download podcasts, view the daily webisodes, watch the surfers attempt jiu-jitsu, receive tips on tackling Hawaii's famous surf, check out interviews, the daily conditions and register to win prizes. The Young Guns North Shore Diary site is active now and will be updated right through until mid-December.

It's the only place where three clicks of a mouse will take you from the tepid, trickling rollers of Waikiki, to the sweat-soaked gym mat with Kron Gracie at Quiksilver Velzyland Performance House to the front lawn of a million-dollar North Shore mansion as Dane Reynolds, the world's favorite free-surfer, talks you through the meanest grab-rail cutback in the business.

What more, except maybe a free trip to Hawaii, could you want?