Ocean Minded is thrilled to announce that two of Canada's top standout surfers, Nico Manos and Raph Bruhwiler, have joined its team of athletes. Covering both coasts of Canada, Nico and Raph bring a unique cold water element to Ocean Minded.

"We are very pleased to welcome Raph and Nico to the Ocean Minded team," said Bob Tanner, the company's Marketing Director. "Canadian surfers are some of the most dedicated people on the planet, and these two individuals have shown the world what amazing talent there is 'North of the Border'. It's a true honor to have Raph and Nico as Ocean Minded brand ambassadors in Canada."

With his admiration for the ocean and all that it encompasses, Nico has become a recognizable face in many of the industry's top magazines. Having been born in Nova Scotia, Canada, Nico has embraced the frigid temperatures to not only push himself, but the standards of progressive surfing as well.

"I'm stoked to be with a company that is raising awareness about our local waters," said Nico. "Ocean Minded truly cares about keeping our surf spots clean and I'm pretty happy about that."

Sharing his reverence for the ocean, Raph Bruhwiler has claimed many North West Pro/Am victories, and placed 4th in the 2006 Nelscott Reef Contest. Raph's dedication to surfing has brought much attention to the underexposed waves in his hometown of Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada. Raph is consistently on an exploration to find new untouched waves despite the frigid temperatures.

"I'm very happy to become part of the Ocean Minded team," said Raph. "It's nice to represent a company that plays a part in trying to keep our oceans clean for future generations to enjoy."

These two watermen have not only become pioneers of surfing in Canada, but the world over as well. The impact they have left on their communities and the regions they explore are everlasting. It is not only a love of surfing that binds these two athletes, but their infatuation with the respect and protection of the ocean.

"I look forward to working with such high profile surfers such as Raph and Nico," said Frankie D'Andrea, Ocean Minded team manager. "Both surfers are definitely Ocean Minded and will contribute greatly to our diverse team of athletes."