Amongst a frenzy of online activity in the core surf/skate/snow communities, long time friends Matt Patterson and George Opadchy have built an international store for surfers, skaters and snowboarders to swap and sell their wares.

The motivation for the site was the numerous websites like eBay and Craig’s List, although the new site - Go Boarding - has a focus on core action sports, so you can pick up a new board or piece of kit from a specialist site.

The site allows general users to post one item for free per month and setting up your account is also free. Retailers are given special retail accounts which allows them to post unlimited items for a flat monthly fee.

"It was originally aimed at the second-hand market, but after speaking to a couple of shops, it’s clear that retailers wanted to post new product on there too – so we rebuilt it,” said Opadchy.

The Go Boarding website features a product management system which allows the most technophobic to post new items, hide items when out of stock, re-post items when back in stock, edit item details or delete items.

"We always wondered why no-one else had built this site already," said Patterson. "We felt that the surf/snow/skate industries would be well served with a dedicated site with ‘industry-exclusive’ features and categories. The giant one-site-fits-all websites don’t work for all industries.”