MacGillivray Freeman Films Releases Three New BD-Live Enabled Blu-ray Discs To Become World’s Largest Provider

Continuing its tradition of forging new ground in home theatre video technology,MacGillivray Freeman Films today announced the release of three new BD-Live enabled Blu-ray Disc titles - Dolphins, Coral Reef Adventure, and The Living Sea - bringing the company’s total Blu-ray titles in circulation to five and positioning the Academy Award-nominated giant screen film production company as the world’s leading provider of BD-Live enabled Blu-ray Discs.

Other MacGillivray Freeman film titles available in the BD-Live enabled Blu-ray format are The Alps and Mystery of the Nile. Grand Canyon Adventure will be released next February in both Blu-ray and DVD formats. MacGillivray Freeman’s Blu-ray titles are produced and distributed by Big Picture Digital Productions in association with Image Entertainment.

The new web-based BD-Live technology allows Blu-ray disc users to access content updates and additional interactive features via their top tier internet-connected Blu-ray players. The backbone of this live network has been the PlayStation 3. Still in an early adopter phase, the BD-Live technology is expected ultimately to change how home theatre audiences experience movies, bringing the dynamic interactivity of the web to the viewing experience. MacGillivray Freeman Films and Big Picture Digital Productions achieved this breakthrough by partnering with the German company Imagion, who developed dyanamic HD, the leading BD-Live solution available today.

“This is a fantastic new way for us to continue our mission of using new technologies to maximize the educational value of our films,” saidMike Lutz, President of MacGillivray Freeman Films Distribution Company. “We are thrilled with the BD-Live technology because it provides our audiences with valuable, up-to-date information that enhances their learning experience from each film.”

“MacGillivray Freeman Films is once again at the front of the wave of innovative technology that is revolutionizing the home theatre viewing experiences,” said Ryan Mullins, President of Big Picture Digital Productions. “The content of educational giant screen films lends itself seamlessly to viewers’ desire for more information and updates that BD-Live can provide.”