WaveTribe creates sustainable surf gear with hemp, recycled plastic and overruns of fabric.

Surfers are known for their love of the ocean and quest for the perfect wave. In Ventura California a group of surfers have made their mark on the environmental movement by creating a line of surf gear that shrinks their ecological footprint. WaveTribe, a new local company dedicated to creating sustainable surf gear, is riding the green wave of product design, using hemp, recycled plastic and overruns of fabric.

This move to using green materials saves hundreds of pounds of perfectly usable materials from clogging the nation’s landfills and avoids the use of toxic pesticides that run off and pollute the world’s water supplies and the surfers’ playgrounds. WaveTribe's founder and CEO, Derek D’s life of surfing and worldwide travel come together in this perfect storm of high quality green product design of surf necessities.

Derek D designed the surfboard bags and leashes based on his 30 years of surfing experience. On a recent 'research' trip to Mexico, Derek even slept in one of the hemp surfboard bags. “R&D has never been so sweet. Surfing is all about freedom of expression and when I travel I want to leave the smallest footprint possible,” says Derek D. After designing his prototypes, he took the bags to the experts.

Surfers commented on the form and function, making great innovative design contributions like a zippered pouch for wetsuit storage and even a business card pocket for the dudes with day jobs. WaveTribe’s bags are made with recycled materials, biodegradable filler, and hemp textiles so they are one of a kind.

WaveTribe's eco line of surfboard bags, men’s and women’s apparel and surf accessories hit local retail stores this month as well as the virtual world of the WaveTribe website. WaveTribe's core values reflect the dedication of sustainable surfers, keeping the oceans of the world clean for the next great ride.

WaveTribe blends a passion for surfing and a love for the ocean into a journey of learning, healing, and freedom. WaveTribe’s mission is to create a symbiotic relationship between sport and planet. WaveTribe represents the next generation of surfers, rising up like a tsunami to meet the challenges of today’s world.

In our journey we invite like-minded tribe to join our dance, to surf a wave that is pure in form and function, a wave that is clean, clear, and mirrors a society of people that have recognized the intrinsic beauty of nature and the significance of doing the right thing. We invite our customers to paddle into a clean vision alongside us—to live, surf, and celebrate the WaveTribe phenomenon. Come and meet the Tribe at the ASR Trade Expo in San Diego January 24-26 2008, Booth #713