Fletcher Chouinard Designs, the maker of hand-crafted and environmentally sane surfboards, announced today the launch of its new website: www.fcdsurfboards.com. The much anticipated site redesign fulfills the company’s desire to speak directly to its customers about what differentiates FCD boards from the industry’s standard. The relaunched site features new board information including board descriptions, available sizes, glassing schedules and fin options. The site also includes a used board listing section that allows surfers to buy previously ridden boards directly from FCD Surfboards. An interactive customer feedback section, unseen photos and videos, and detailed information about FCD surfboard’s unique technologies and materials rounds out the site’s features.

“This new site is designed to be clean and simple – and it illustrates what makes an FCD surfboard different from others. It’s also something that we can easily update with photos from our latest trip, barbecue, whatever,” notes Jason McCaffrey, Patagonia’s Director of Surf, “The free-format customer feedback section let's us communicate openly with our customers, allowing them to comment or make inquiries on boards, trips and events. So far we're stoked on the feedback we're getting!”

Customers are invited and encouraged to comment on each board design via a comment box located below each board in the New Board section. Additionally, surfers can learn more about what differentiates FCD from other board manufacturers under the Patagonia Surf Technology and Environmental Impact subtitles.

“We’re hoping that surfers will hop online and learn about what truly makes an FCD board stand apart from the crowd,” said Rob BonDurant, Patagonia’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications, “These boards are lighter, stronger and much more environmentally sensitive than any others out there. They don’t break as often, ding less and don’t end up in the landfills after a season of use. The website gives us a platform to get this message out to our customers.”

Fletcher Chouinard Designs shapes, markets and sells boards through its Ventura, CA-based store, as well as select Patagonia-branded stores throughout the US, Europe and Japan, and its website. The company has helped support the use of high-performance, yet environmentally-minded, materials in the surfboard industry since its inception in 1997. Fletcher Chouinard Design boards are noted for their strength, light weight and environmentally sane fabrication. The company is a member of 1% For The Planet and donates 1% of annual sales to environmental activist organizations.