Local Kauai film/video producer Koohan Paik has partnered with noted environmental and social activist Jerry Mander to author "The Superferry Chronicles", a thorough exposé of Hawaii's interisland ferry debacle, which has torn apart island communities for the past two years.

Paik is known for her over-the-top travel documentary, "Discover Kauai", which was a smash hit on YouTube, documenting the overdevelopment, traffic, and exploitation of her home island, while arousing the ire of local tourism authorities.

Mander, director of the International Forum on Globalization and program director for Megatechnology and Globalization at the Foundation for Deep Ecology, authored the celebrated books, "Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television" and "In the Absence of the Sacred".

From Amazon.com: "The Superferry Chronicles" is the first book to describe an historically unique, spontaneous, leaderless uprising in the Hawaiian islands. In 2001, an entrepreneur got the idea to start a high-speed, interisland ferry to connect Honolulu with the neighbor islands. Within a couple of years, his idea was taken over by a corporate entity with vast military ties, and the Superferry became prototype for an important piece of America’s sea-based military strategy for the 21st century. As the story unfolds, we see this project riding on a wave of deception and corruption – from the governor’s office, to the federal government, to the military, to the Hawaii Superferry corporation. The Superferry deal was never approved by the people of Hawai‘i, and this lack of democratic process and its profound environmental impacts enraged many. On Kauai, citizens took to surfboards and effectively blocked the vessel from entering the harbor. Governor Lingle traveled there to admonish the people and let them know that if the boat is blocked again, stiff penalties would ensue. Instead, she found an auditorium overflowing with people whose moving, eloquent, spontaneous testimonies told her that the boat would not be permitted to return.

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Words: DK