Global Surf Industries (GSI) has announced a partnership with Surfing Mums, an Australian organisation made up of a network of surfing mums who meet on the beach each week and mind each other's children so that each mum takes it in turn to get a chance to surf.

Founded in Bryon Bay in 2006 Surfing Mums Inc. now have 10 groups around Australia and one in New Zealand.

“As a not for profit association, Surfing Mums Inc is always looking for ways to meet costs, thankfully for us GSI recognized our contribution to the surfing community by sponsoring us. Without their support we would not have been able to pay our public liability insurance this year or pay for first aid kits for the individual groups. GSI is truly living its philosophy “Life is better when you surf” by helping us get more mums out in the water who would otherwise be stuck in a coffee shop with their mothers group eating cake and drinking coffee and wondering what the surf was like!” said Vanessa Thompson, founder of Surfing Mums Inc.

Mark Kelly, Managing Director of GSI said: “We support a number of non profit organizations that fit under our company mantra :Life is better when you surf”. Surfing Mums Inc. certainly fits under this banner and we encourage any other companies within the industry to help Surfing Mums out with a sponsorship deal to help spread the word about Surfing Mums and encourage ALL surfing mums to join their local group or even set up their own.”