Future Fins is proud to announce it has been named the winner of the “Accessory Product of the Year” award by the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association. Future Fins has been recognized for experiencing growth in product development, brand recognition and appeal.

The introduction of the Vector fin marked the beginning of the industries acceptance of new fin technology on a large scale. Competitors immediately followed the lead releasing a similar version of their own inside foiled fin. The vector fin is becoming the industry standard for U.S. production surfboards. The acceptance of the Vector fin has reinforced the value of removable fins, and has opened the minds of surfers to the performance possibilities through technical advancements in their equipment. You no longer have to be a pro to feel a major difference. The Vector I sparked a new era of fin evolution that now continues with the Vector II, Vector 3/2, Vector 3/2/1, and Scimitar.

Future Fins would like to extend out thanks to everyone who has supported them through the 10 years they have been in business, particularly Rusty for his design input and enthusiasm for the product line which helped in the validation and performance of the Vector fins. In winning this award, the Vector fins in some ways are a symbol of the evolution that is taking place in the surf industry and we are thrilled to be a part of it.