The International Surfing Association (ISA), the World Governing Body for Surfing recognized by the International Olympic Committee, is proud to announce that it is extending the 2009 Individual Scholarship Program to 40 recipients, an increase of 20 grants from 2008.

Applications have already started streaming in, but due to the delay from many NGBs, the ISA has extended the deadline for submissions to Tuesday, December 23, 2008.

All countries may apply for the scholarship, even if they are not recognized by the ISA. For those countries that are recognized by the ISA, applications must be submitted through the Federation. Applications may be submitted in any language. Although appreciated, it is not mandatory to submit in English. Additionally, the ISA will work with applicants to finalize materials once the initial application has been submitted.

This program has been created to assist underprivileged young surfers who show a genuine need for financial assistance that could not be provided by their families, sponsors or local government.

The Scholarship Program aims at achieving one of the ISA main goals, “A better surfing future.” It offers junior surfers an opportunity to improve their surfing equipment while maintaining their studies. Winning recipients must be inspiring characters in their community; they must show a passion for surfing while maintaining good grades. Each applicant must prove they are good students, in financial need and explain why they will be a great ISA ambassador in their community.

Details to apply for the scholarship may be found on the ISA website at The new deadline to submit applications is December 23, 2008. Results will be announced in February.