Swami's Surf Association and Global Surf Industries (GSI) have announced that that they have come to an agreement for GSI to become the presenting sponsor of the 16th Annual Coalition Event at Cardiff Reef 2007. This year's event will also feature the Cardiff Classic to be held on October 6-7th.

"We have been searching for a So Cal event for a while now and haven't been able to find anything that fits our need until now. The Swami's event really works in with our company mantra - 'Life is better when you surf' - as the whole deal is a real celebration of being a surfer and the joy of surfing," said Mark Kelly, President of Global Surf Industries.

"We have been really selective about the events we tie ourselves to, we aren't really into the whole super hero deal. What we are into is really joining together with the local surfing communities to help them embrace surfing as part of their local social and recreational activities. Surfing brings such a great positive energy to life we should celebrate it as often as possible," he added.

Competition Director Otis Sistrunk said: "The board of the Swami's Surfing Association is super stoked to have Global Surf Industries on board. I was in Noosa, Australia earlier this year and saw what a great job they did at the Surf Festival down there. If we can get some of that going the event will be magical. GSI's whole mantra fits really well with the SSA. For us in the 16th year of having this event it is really more than just a contest. For us it is about being proud to be a surfer and showing the rest of the community how much fun we can have both in and out of the water."

There are 12 surf clubs that compete in this event. This year there will be events for all male and female age groups, plus contests for juniors, a stand up paddle competition and tandem events.

For more information on the Swami's Surf Association go to: www.swamissurfingassociation.org

For more information on Global Surf Industries go to: www.surfindustries.com