Generational music mutations from vinyl to 8-track to cassettes to CD to MP3 now allow listeners to purchase individual songs for .99 cents on iTunes, MySpace, Napster, and more. Hence, I have created the 'Surfing Medicine International Charity Songs and Album', to be sold on MySpace, and eventually on iTunes. So next time you use the internet (Note: the author frequently protests using the word 'surf' when referring to browsing the Internet), please click:

MySpace Madness

At MySpace, musicians sell their music at .98 cents per song. So far, most musicians have agreed to donate 100 percent of MySpace song proceeds to our charity, but some musicians are requesting to give us different percentages of each song sold on MySpace. We respond to any music donations, especially if the music inspires surfing legend. This could go on for decades, with many songs, and the music will change with time.

iTunes songs and album

We are planning a more restricted set of songs and album for our first iTunes project. Obviously, we want to work with talented musicians that support us, and whom want to donate 100 percent of proceeds from each song to our charity. (Bonus: IRS gives tax deductions for music donations – dependent on the musician – because we are a U.S. 501(c)(3) charity).


All proceeds generated from songs sold on MySpace and iTunes will go towards creating and providing sustainable medicinal plant systems for Hawaiians, Jamaicans, and Africans. Since we work with renowned traditional healers in their respective nations, proceeds will go to the healers to plant and harvest sustainable medicinal plants, and provide these medicinal plants free of charge to people with cancer and HIV+ in their communities.

All we ask is that you don’t wear your iPod when riding waves. And musicians, you know where to reach us if you’d like to help… we're just one click away.

Words by Guy Ragosta, President,