California Surf Museum Exhibit at the 2008 San Diego County Fair at Del Mar

This year, San Diego County’s giant annual fair, held at the famous Del Mar Fairgrounds for its 63rd straight year, features a brand new exhibition by the California Surf Museum. Tying in with the fair’s 2008 theme, 'A Summer of Sports', CSM curated, designed and created the museum’s latest mobile show, entitled 'Surfing in San Diego', especially for this stop on the seasonal county fair circuit.

Showcasing a fresh gallery of more than twenty historic surfboards, many never before seen by public eyes, from CSM friends and collectors like Bird Huffman, John Bishop, Bobby 'Challenger' Thomas, Gary Linden, Woody Ekstrom, Phil Castagnola, Jr., Mickey Farrell, Carl Ekstrom, Schuyler McFerran and the Don Okey Family, the 'Surfing in San Diego' exhibit highlights some of the county’s best surfers and shapers, past and present.

Nearly 60 rare photographs also accompany the amazing lineup of boards, tethered together by a four-part story of San Diego’s famous waves and unique beach regions. Historic and modern images from respected photographers including Don Balch, Damea Dorsey, John Elwell, LeRoy Grannis, Russ Hennings, Lee Louis, Tom Keck, Lance Smith, Jon Steele and Ken Woodward, plus pictures pulled from the personal collections of Don Craig, Jack 'Woody' Ekstrom, Dick James, 'L.J.' Richards and Mike 'Electric Duck' Richardson, will all be on display for the full run of the fair.

Visit 'Surfing in San Diego' in the Summer of Sports Theme Exhibit hall, just to the right of the main entrance at the O’Brien Gate.

The 2008 San Diego County Fair runs from June 14th until July 6th.

Words: Ryan Smith