The Bra Boys enjoy a standing-room-only screening.

The highest grossing Australian documentary, Bra Boys, won best documentary last night at the 2008 X-Dance Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah. First-time director, Sunny Abberton and his crew accepted the award in typical Bra Boys fashion with tons of enthusiasm and gratitude for how far they’ve come from their difficult, impoverished upbringing in Sydney suburb, Maroubra Beach. “This film is proof of what brotherhood really means,” said Abberton. His brother, and star of the film, Koby Abberton added, “You really are only as good as the guy next to you.” This is the third time Bra Boys sold out a festival screening. Bra Boys screened to sold out crowds at The Louis Vuitton Film Festival in Hawaii and The Alpinist Festival in Wyoming.

Berkela Films co-founder and producer, Jason Bergh said, “X-Dance continues to expose and cultivate young filmmakers in action sports. Their commitment to accepting and honoring progressive films is almost a decade strong and I’m pleased Berkela was able to bring Bra Boys to their attention.” Berkela was at the festival last year with Disposable Hero – The Brian Deegan Story.

When the Bra Boys weren’t at X-Dance, they were on the slopes at Park City and participating in the festivities at Sundance, mainly the gifting lounges, photo studios and parties. Bra Boys co-director, Macario De Souza said, “I had no idea how crazy this week was going to be. We had a blast meeting other filmmakers and musicians, while experiencing Park City during Sundance.”

World-class surfing and archival footage, along with an against-all-odds story, Bra Boys depicts the history of surfers from inner-Sydney suburb Maroubra Beach and the extreme hardship they endure from childhood. Released on March 15th, 2007 in Australia, Bra Boys became an instant smash hit breaking a 17-year-old record for the most successful Australian, non-IMAX documentary-style film. Bra Boys quickly got the attention of Brian Grazer who will produce a fact-based drama based on the documentary. Crowe will make his directorial debut with the film scheduled for late 2008 release.