“Before, there was nothing to do but fish, fish, fish and fish… But over time things began to change.” Xabi Bacigalupe (local surfer/owner of the Portubide bar.)

Billabong presents Mundaka, an exclusive documentary film relating the unique story of a thousand year old Basque fishing village and the changes brought about by the introduction of surfing in the early 1970’s.

Now, 30 years since the first surfers arrived, the village plays host to the Billabong Pro Mundaka, one of the most prestigious events on the ASP Men’s World Surfing Tour. How the town people cope with the transformation of a slow-paced village into a bustling destination for surfers, spectators, media, and travelers exposes the fragile relationship between the town and the event.

Directed by Jarrod Tallman, and written by David Malcolm and Jarrod Tallman, Mundaka results from a close collaboration with the people of Mundaka, in the likes of Guillermo Lecumberri Isasi, one of the producers.

Mundaka is an in-depth journey into the history of both the town and its mystical river mouth wave which has contributed over the years to the exposure of the entire community worldwide.

The 46 minute-long documentary encompasses all aspects of the evolution of the town with unique testimonies from the local people (ranging from the fishermen, local surfers, restaurant and bar owners, and the younger generation), as well as “visitors”, in the likes of pro surfers, tourists, occasional surfers, etc.

The quality of surfing vision also pays tribute to the legendary left, which offers long and deep tubes breaking along the sand bar in the mouth of the Guernika river, with cliffs and mountains overlooking the Urdaibai reserve (part of the Unesco patrimony).

The world premiere of Mundaka is scheduled Friday 5th and Saturday 6th October at 8.30pm, at the 2007 Billabong Pro Mundaka event site. A giant screen has been installed in the Atalaya of Mundaka, only a few yards away from the break itself

The Mundaka documentary will be presented in festivals across the world throughout 2008.

More info can be found on the Billabong website.

Billabong presents “MUNDAKA”

Directed by: Jarrod Tallman

Written by: David Malcolm and Jarrod Tallman

Produced by: Jarrod Tallman

Edited by: David Malcolm

Original Score by: Michael Sterling Eaton

Producers: Guillermo Lecumberri Isasi, David Malcolm, David Stanfield

Executive Producers: Graham Stapelberg, Reid Pinder

Associate Producer: EJ Collins