The Irish Surfing Association has arranged for Dr. Tony Butt, oceanographer, author of Surf Science (the textbook of most surf courses) and big-wave surfer to deliver a two-day seminar in Sligo Institute of Technology on the weekend of September 12th and 13th.

The focus of the lectures will be loosely based around the material contained in his book, including: the formation of low pressure systems, the generation of waves, the propagation of swell, wave breaking, tides, water temperature etc. and a fairly comprehensive treatment of wave prediction (what most people want to know about).

Tony will also be talking about the preparation required to tackle big waves - the exercise, nutrition and mental aspects of paddling into big surf.

The course has been delivered around Europe to great interest (all being booked out) during the year, and the people who've attended so far have been of all ages and backgrounds, and not necessarily all surfers. The cost of attending will be €50 for the two days and places will be limited.

Any profits will go into the ISA's environmental fund. For queries or bookings contact Dave Doyle, ISA Environmental Officer: