For 4 days this summer Tiki International will be hosting 4 of the world’s best shapers and surfboard designers, giving the surfing public the rare opportunity to meet these highly esteemed surfing personalities.

This is a unique and unmissable event – never before have 4 surfboard designers of this calibre visited the UK at once. Through a series of shaping forums the guys will be available to discuss all aspect of surfboards and surfing, drawing on an immense breadth of knowledge.

On MONDAY 17th AUGUST the guys will be at the Tiki Surfshop, Braunton, N.Devon 4-6pm for a meet and greet session. You want some stickers? Want Bob McTavish to sign your t-shirt? Be here then.

On THURSDAY 20TH AUGUST we are holding an open forum for these guys to talk about themselves, their boards and answer your questions.

We have 2 sessions in the Croyde Village Hall 6-8pm and 8.30 - late. We are limited to 150 people at each event so we are forced to make these invite only. To make it as fair as possible we will randomly select 300 people to attend these events.

For your chance to make the invite list, just register your name and details below and you will be entered into the invitation draw.

Bob McTavish (McTavish Surfboards) has been shaping boards for over 40 years. He is credited, along with Nat Young and George Greenough, for starting the shortboard revolution; in 1965 he made a trip with Young and Greenough to Noosa resulting in Young's extraordinary thin-railed, high-aspect-finned board dubbed "Magic Sam," which he used to win the 1966 World Contest and kick-start modern performance surfing. McTavish surfboards have gone on to win numerous world titles and lead the cutting edge development in modern longboarding.

Greg Webber (Webber Surfboards) is known as one of the most radical surfboard designers of all time. Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches he is known as a key player in the development of modern shortboard designs. Greg first shaped his full concave bottom in 1986, but had to wait until Shane Herring beat Kelly Slater in the 1992 Coke Classic final before his innovation was appreciated. 20 years on Greg’s designs continue to lead the way.

Steve Walden (Walden Surfboards) is known by many as the Godfather of the Modern Longboard. Steve shaped his first surfboard in 1961, at age 13, and never looked back. Eight years later, the native Southern Californian opened his first board factory and store in Huntington Beach then moved to the North Shore of Oahu in 1972 where he made a name for himself as a prolific longboard shaper.

While the rest of the surfing world was fixated on short single fins, Walden continued to faithfully hone his longboard designs. By the early 80s, Walden returned to California where he unveiled his widely successful Magic Model with its radical rocker, down-turned rails, and super-fast Turbo Hull bottom contour. With arguably the most advanced and high performance Longboard on the market, Walden was uniquely positioned to capitalise on the resurgence of Longboarding in the late 80s and 90s.

Richie Lovett (Aloha Surfboards). Richie's awesome ability as a surfer and his easygoing and honest nature has made him not only one of the most feared and revered competitors on the ASP Men's World Tour, but also one of the most respected amongst his peers and the industry. Richie has taken on the role of designing the Aloha range of boards using his intimate knowledge of what goes into the surfboard of a Top 44 competitor.