SurfDonkey is a great new video blog created by brothers Craig and Lance Moore. Featuring Nova Scotia surf chatter, local footage and shenanigans featuring Lance Moore owner of "Dacane Surf Shop" in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.

We'll be popping up an episode each day for the next week!

Craig runs Spider Video and rarely gets in the water. More of a once a year surfer. But he did start surfing before Lance. Then school, work, wife and kids took over. And hey, if it were not for all that, they wouldn’t be making this show because he’d still be surfing instead of shooting and editing.

Lance owns Dacane Surf Shop and has surfed everywhere around the world. He’s even been featured on a Tim Hortons commercial (about surfing of course). Lance lives the surf life and has carved out a niche as being one of the most knowledgeable surfers in the region. If you want to know about surfing in this region he’s got the goods.

Upcoming episodes have some Matt Mays lovin' on the coach, South Cali pros at secret spots, Hangin' Ten with Tom Curren and lots of Lance-world shenanigans.

Watch episode one now!