The sight of a wave breaking affects all surfers, deep in our soul. The 4th Santos ArtSurf Festival, in Santos, Brazil aims to touch that same part of the surfer’s soul with its eclectic collections of surf art including photography, paintings and beautiful surfboards from several generations.

With works from artists like Albe Falzon who brought us Morning on the Earth and The Surfer’s Path’s own Drew Kampion the show will cover the decades from the 1960s to today. The work of the Santos local photographer Fabio Placido will also show “the extreme and radical side of surfing”.

Another highlight will be the exhibition of masterpieces in the form of surfboards, from the craftsmen Adriano Teco and his brother Sylvio Tico from Silver Surf Surfboards, and Jair Bortoleto. Four boards will be displayed, shown with love, art, light and imagination.

Clearly influenced by his early days in the city, the art show curator Jair Bortoleto, author of the book "Alma Santista" has been careful to invite well known artists who will give a special spice to the event, and also some of the most talented local artists, bringing some definitive works that will show everyone the surf as a state of art.

The event will be held on 21st to 27th of January, 2008 in the Emissário Submariono in Santos city, with free admission.

  • Local Santos Artists
  • Fabio Placido
  • Sesper
  • Casami
  • Jair Bortoleto
  • Mai-Britt Wolthers
  • João Felippe
  • Santana
  • Paulo Estevaleto
  • Overseas Artists
  • Albe Falzon (Australia)
  • Drew Kampion (Estados Unidos)
  • Andrew Kidman (Australia)
  • Maggie Marsek (Estados Unidos
  • Craftsmen
  • Adriano de Oliveira – Tico (Silver Surf Surfboards / T.Patterson)
  • Sylvio de Oliveira – Teco (Silver Surf Surfboards / T.Patterson)
  • Jair Bortoleto
  • Curators
  • Jair Bortoleto
  • Paulo Prado