2008 Date; Bigger Exhibit Hall; New Exhibits; Bill Caster Honored

The Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo will take place on October 11 & 12 2008. Sacred Craft will be held at the Wyland Exhibit Hall in the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Surfboard shapers & board manufacturers will gather for two days to exhibit their state-of-the-art surfboards and celebrate the culture of the surfboard with their fellow surfers.

Sacred Craft director Scott Bass is very excited about the new venue: "The Wyland Exhibit Hall is much bigger than last year's facility," explained Bass. "The ceilings are higher and the footprint is much larger. We needed room to breathe, last year we were packed." Over 4000 surfboard lovers attended last year's Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo.

Bigger and better is the theme for this year's expo and that means new exhibits and attractions for surfboard lovers. "We're going to have all the top surfboard makers here. But we really pride ourselves on making it affordable for smaller grass roots board builders to show their wares to the public," explained Bass. "And in keeping with that theme, we want to expose young people to the art of surfboard shaping through our 'hands-on shaping experience' exhibit. Young shapers have to start somewhere. It is our hope that a few up-and-coming Dick Brewers germinate out of this hands-on shaping experience."

Sacred Craft will also feature seminars including surf artist Drew Brophy and many others (TBA), top secret pro surfer / shapers (TBA), a wetsuit pavilion, fabulous artwork and other exciting exhibits. "We're even toying with the idea of premiering a surf movie on Saturday night," said Bass. "And of course there is our Tribute to the Masters Shape-Off."

2nd Annual Tribute to the Masters Shape-Off Honors Bill Caster

Legendary San Diego shaper/craftsman Bill Caster will be honored during the the Tribute to the Masters Shape-off. Bill Caster started shaping surfboards in San Diego back in the early '60s. The Caster label became a surf industry mainstay during the 1970s and the leading light of California surfing, Chris O'Rourke, was Caster's figurehead, putting the versatile Caster winged pintail on the map. Sadly, cancer took Bill Caster at an early age. This year we honor a master shaper, an inspiring man and a great soul - Bill Caster.

Three of the four Caster replicas will be sold at auction to pay for trademark protection of the Caster surfboards label.



Retailers who wish to walk the expo floor before the expo opens to the public will be allowed to do so on Saturday from 8am-10am. ONLY RETAILERS WITH BADGES WILL BE ALLOWED IN DURING THESE HOURS. RETAILERS WISHING TO RECEIVE A BADGE SHOULD EMAIL A REQUEST TO {encode="INFO@SURFBOARDSHOW.COM" title="INFO@SURFBOARDSHOW.COM"}.


Noticing a keen interest in Patagonia's wetsuit line at last years show, Sacred Craft has allocated a space for wetsuit companies to exhibit thier 2008-2009 winter fullsuits lines for interested surfers. "Wetsuits are a key element to our end goal of enjoying the ocean and riding waves," explained Bass. "Most surfers have fullsuits on their minds around October, it just makes sense for the consumer to be able to hear directly from the wetsuit manufacturer about the upcoming winter fullsuits."

With the 2008 Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo in the more spacious Wyland Exhibit Hall, the wetsuit pavilion is a win /win . "There will be more surfboards than last year," explained Bass. "Plus the added benefit of exploring the new wetsuits as well."


Leading surf design experts will examine issues that face the surfboard manufacturing industry.


A few "legends" making boards for auction.


If you've ever wanted to try your hand at shaping a surfboard you'll get your chance at Sacred Craft. There will be shaping stalls with blanks, sanding blocks, screens, templates, and other tools at your disposal.

For more information and registration, head to the Sacred Craft Surf Expo website.