Big Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz - a fitting finale to a cool year.

The Cold Water Classic Series 2009 is over, after a grand-stand finale at 6-10ft 3rd Reef at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, California. This was the final event in the series, which pushes surf competitions to new limits by holding events in cold water locations around the planet that included Tasmania, Cape Town in South Africa, Thurso in Scotland, Vancouver Island in Canada and Steamer Lane in California.

The final event was won by Nate Yeomans and there was some incredible surfing all round and heavy dramas – like Jarrad Howse missing just 0.02 points to take the CWC Series bonus of $ 50,000. Competitors, organizers and the ASP have all expressed how stoked they are on the series, and O'Neill is already getting geared up for more cold water magic in 2010.

Chunky fun on finals day.

Winner Nate Yeomans.

Creator of it alll, Jack O'Neill in da house. "And he was well pleased ... "