After a spectacular day of surfing, Ocean Minded’s Bede Durbidge not only won the Billabong Pipeline Masters and the Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing, but also ended his 2007 campaign by finishing # 5 on the Fosters ASP World Tour.

“Every surfer who comes to Hawaii wants to do well, but winning an event here, as well as the Triple Crown, is more than a dream come true,” said an elated Durbidge after the Pipe Masters final. The 24 year old Australian was in fine form all day, and won each of his 4 heats, consistently posting high scores, which included a 9.5 in the final. “It wasn’t classic Pipeline, but there were some really fun waves out there. I just went into it like any other heat, and tried to relax as best I could. It’s a great way to finish the year!”

Durbidge, a native of North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, began his Triple Crown blitzkrieg by finishing 2nd at the Reef Hawaiian Pro, in Haleiwa. The surf was challenging throughout the event and at one point reached a solid 12 foot, which the young Australian attacked with maturity beyond his years. At Triple Crown event # 2, the O’Neill World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach, Bede continued to show his peers just how comfortable he is in large, challenging surf. His run at Sunset ended in the Quarterfinals, where he missed advancing by a mere 0.46 points. Durbidge went into the final event of the Triple Crown, the Pipeline Masters, with the overall Triple Crown lead as well as a very relaxed psyche, which he used to his advantage throughout the contest.

“I think the world just got a glimpse of how talented Bede really is,” said Bob Tanner, Ocean Minded’s Director of Marketing. “He’s been called a ‘giant-killer’ and ‘underdog’ for the past few years, but now he’s proven that he can deliver results in Hawaii – the sign of a complete competitive surfer. We are absolutely thrilled for Bede!”

Durbidge is the first Australian to win the Triple Crown since 1997, and it’s a dream come true. “I’ve had my eyes on this (the Triple Crown) for a very long time, and now that it’s happened, I can’t believe it! I’m super stoked, and am really looking forward to the 2008 season,” Bede said.

“WOW – for a guy who started 2007 being un-sponsored, Bede has certainly gotten some people’s attention at year’s end. The Pipe victory, the Triple Crown victory, and the Top 5 year-end result are all rewards for the hard work, dedication, and absolute love of surfing Durbo has put into 2007,” concluded Frankie D’Andrea, Ocean Minded’s Team Manager. “I can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeve for 2008!”