Green Team, Eco Stations and Cool Tags will help address the environmental impact of the 2007/2008 Mavericks Surf Contest

Mavericks Surf Ventures have announced that Clif Bar, the nationally recognized eco-friendly food maker, will again return as an environmental partner for the 2007/2008 Mavericks Surf Contest. In their ongoing effort to protect and preserve the natural beauty of Half Moon Bay, the Mavericks surf break and its surrounding ecosystem, and to increase public awareness of environmental responsibility, the companies will purchase renewable energy credits to offset CO2 emissions produced by the event, set-up various onsite environmental activities, use alternative energies and sustainable materials, and make available offsite Contest viewing opportunities.

“Mavericks has continued to step up in terms of minimizing the environmental impact of this legendary event, as well as educating the public about the important environmental issues and the strides that both Clif Bar and Mavericks have taken,” said Peter Berridge, Field Marketing Manager, Clif Bar & Co. “Clif Bar is proud of this partnership that is so exemplary of the ongoing process that is part of our collective journey towards sustainability.”

Renewable Energy Credits

As in 2006, and as was planned last year, Clif Bar and Mavericks will fund the purchase of renewable energy credits from NativeEnergy, a renewable energy firm, to offset the estimated 86.6 tons of CO2 that Mavericks competitors and staff will generate through air travel, ground transportation and watercraft usage during the event. In addition, Contest attendees will again have the opportunity to purchase “Cool Tags” for $2 each. One Cool Tag provides enough energy credits to offset the amount of CO2 the average car emits in a 300 mile trip. For each Cool Tag sold, Clif Bar will invest $2 in NativeEnergy’s Wind Builderssm program, helping the Rosebud Sioux Tribe to construct the Rosebud St. Francis Wind Farm in South Dakota.

Green Team, Eco Stations and Alternative Energies and Supplies

As part of ongoing efforts to preserve their local environment, Mavericks, in collaboration with the Save the Waves Coalition and Clif Bar will introduce to this year’s Contest the Green Team, a group of volunteers dedicated to the effective communication and activation of onsite environmental activities.

Eco Stations with recycling and composting containers, standard garbage cans, and signage directing spectators to avoid environmentally sensitive areas will be placed throughout the venue. The Green Team, in cooperation with Contest staff will encourage spectators to care and be aware. Organizers will power the 2007/2008 Contest with a bio-diesel generator, and will provide solar-powered showers for the 24 competitors. With help from Clif Bar, Mavericks will also encourage vendors to use recycled paper, cornstarch utensils and other eco-friendly materials.

"Working with Clif Bar is an inspirational experience because they really exemplify the potential of environmentally friendly companies,” said Joao DeMacedo, Mavericks Environmental Manager. “Like Clif Bar Owner Gary Erickson says: ‘…it’s about the jazz of business…about living responsibly in a community and on the Earth.’ That is what we at Mavericks are also aiming for."

CLIF Bar’s Green Room Award

The Green Room Award goes to the surfer who gets the longest barrel which, at Mavericks, is as much an afterthought as it is a moment. Vied for and voted for by the surfers themselves, the winner of the award will share the Green Room Award money ($1,000 donation) with Save the Waves.

Mavericks will be broadcasting a free live webcast, ensuring that fans worldwide can witness all of the epic big wave action as it happens. The webcast will also be available at AT&T Park, where ticketed fans can watch the Contest live on the big screen in centerfield or from any of the big screens throughout the Club level.

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