From November 5th to 9th this year, the only Oxbow World Longboard Tour event in America will take place in San Clemente, CA. This surfing competition will draw the world's 48 best longboarders to clash in the waves of San Onofre.

Far back in the history of surfing, longboards were the first surfboards shaped by men, the ancient Hawaiians, who surfed on these massive wooden boards. Today, longboarding embodies that board-riding tradition.

But longboarding is also synonymous with modernity. Thanks to technical progress, the 21stcentury longboard allows us to surf all kinds of waves, yet retain all the natural elegance of this style of surfing.

This is why Oxbow decided to create the World Longboard Championship, with the help of Australian Nat Young. The first championship took place in Biarritz, France in 1991. From that year on, the World Longboard Championship has traveled the world: Haleiwa, Malibu, Saint Leu, Makaha, Jeffrey’s Bay, Cabo San Lucas, Raglan, and many other spots, and it has helped establish longboarding as a force, once again, in the surfing world.

The year 2008 will be another great year for longboarding. The Oxbow World Longboard Championship becomes the Oxbow World Longboard Tour, with an added 2nd stop, in San Onofre, giving competitors a 2nd chance to win the world title!

You too can follow this event from November 5 through 9, 2008 at