Between the Lines: The True Story of Surfers and the Vietnam War

Narrated by John Milius

Between the Lines explores the choice that most draft age surfers faced during the Vietnam War era: either go to war or evade the draft. It was one or the other. Between the Lines delves into the lives of two surfers who chose opposite paths, Pat Farley and Brant Page.

Pat Farley, a heavy combat vet, volunteered for service in Vietnam and was discharged with a full psychiatric pension. Conversely, Brant Page evaded the draft and fled to the surf rich Hawaiian Islands where he was unceasingly pursued and eventually arrested by the FBI.

While following the lives of these two surfers the film chronicles the impact of the Vietnam War on the surfing lifestyle. From GI’s surfing in enemy territory, to the China Beach Surf Club, to the living aftermath of the war, Between the Lines excavates the surfing cultures response to an extraordinary circumstance.

Between the Lines’ powerful and relevant soundtrack features innovative artists like Chuck Ragan, The Black Angels and Xavier Rudd, as well as original 60’s artists including Steppenwolf and The Everpresent Fullness.

Watch their remarkable story unfold at one of the exclusive premiere screenings set to take place this July.

Premiere screenings of Behind the Lines will be taking place at:

* July 25 at the Art Center in Huntington Beach (in association with the Film Festival at the US Open of Surfing)

* June 26 at Hansen's Surfboards in Encinitas, California

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