ASP have announced their 2009 tour schedules and some changes to the Men's World tour have been made. Noteably Brazil's event has moved to the first half of the year.

The European leg of the tour may include three events. The Quiksilver Pro France and Billabong Pro Mundaka are schedule as previously, however the Rip Curl Search Pro event has been added to the schedule two days after Mundaka which indicates the "Somewhere" event may well be in Europe, taking into account the travel implications of going further afield.

Where could Rip Curl Search Pro be taking place? Somewhere in Europe or Africa are the most commonly made suggestions. So between South Africa in the South, and Norway in the North. And between Israel or Sardinia in the East and the Azores or Canary Islands in the west. It looks like interesting speculation lies ahead.

The Globe Pro Fiji has been omitted from the 2009 World Tour. No reason has been given for this change and it can only be assumed the economic or political climate has put a dent in the plans for the 2009 Fiji event. Currently 10 events are scheduled for the 2009 ASP World Tour schedule as listed below...

Men's ASP World Tour 2009 Schedule: Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Feb 28 - Mar 11, 2009 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach: Apr 7 - 19, 2009 Billabong Pro Teahupoo: May 9 - 20, 2009 Hang Loose Santa Catarina Pro: Jun 27 - Jul 5, 2009 Billabong Pro J-Bay: Jul 9 - 19, 2009 Boost Mobile Pro pres by Hurley: Sept 11 - 20, 2009 Quiksilver Pro France: Sept 23 - Oct 4, 2009 Billabong Pro Mundaka: Oct 5 - 17, 2009 Rip Curl Pro Search: Oct 19 - 28, 2009 Billabong Pipeline Masters: Dec 8 - 20, 2009