As of this weekend, the APT have made the decision not to call the Chile Tow-In event on this week due the information provided below. They are holding out for future storms to provide bigger swells and better conditions.

Here is what Kevin from Surfline has to report...

Models have backed the Wed PM/Thur AM down a bit. It still looks fairly strong (25-30’ faces on the better sets with maybe a few larger bombs) but likely peaks overnight and is also accompanied by bad wind/weather on Wednesday. Thursday wind and weather gradually improve but is still questionable and the swell will be on the way down.

Friday will see a bit of a reinforcing bump out of the WSW with deepwater swell in the 10-12’ range. Face sizes will be be around 15-20’ with the possibility of a few larger bombs to maybe 25’ on the face. This is still dependent on storm formation in the next 48 hours or so. The wind direction improves for Friday as it comes out of the SSE, but looks breezy at around 15-20kts.

The next shot at swell will likely be for Sunday the 8th (maybe even starting to build quickly over the afternoon on Saturday the 7th). At this point Sunday looks to be the largest day and swell size looks comparable to the Wed PM/Thur AM swell. BUT, it also looks like conditions may fall apart again with a trough of low pressure moving onshore with northerly winds and rain.

Now going further out, we’re seeing a lot of activity in the western half of the Pacific near New Zealand that will be tracking across the Pacific over the next several days. We’ll need to see one of those storms carry quite a bit of intensity across the dateline and into the Central/eastern SPAC before we get too excited, but lets keep a close eye on that as next week may present more opportunities depending on what we decide to do.

Once the green light is called, the competitors will be given a four day advance notice to make the long journey to the event location known as Punta de Lobos in Chile, South America to the small and beautiful town of Pichilemu.

This will be the first stop for the 2nd Annual 2008/2009 APT World Tour Tow-In Season and it is anticipated that this event will set the stage for the entire tour and the future of professional competitive tow-in surfing. Along with the main tow-in event, there will be a big wave traditional surfing contest to be held at the same location during the same swell. In total, there will be $35,000 in prize money to be handed out.