What: Association of Professional Towsurfers, Inc. (APT) World Tour Tow-In Surfing Circuit Holding Period: April 15th - September 15th, 2008

With the Red Bull Big Wave Africa Event successfully completed, all eyes are now on the APT/Chile, Punta de Lobos Tow-In and Big Wave Surfing event. Event organizers and the elite of international big wave competitors are amped and ready to go when the right swell hits.

This new big wave surfing event will be crowning winners on each day, with the overall winner of the the APT Waterman Award being the one who secures the highest combined score in both the paddle and tow-in contests. In total, there will be a prize purse of $37,500 and awards to be handed out to the top competitors.

“With just a few weeks left in the extended holding period, we are hopeful and more then ready to pull of the first leg of the 2008/2009 APT World Tour,” said Rodney Kilborn, APT Global Vice President.

“For the past couple of years, we’ve been working hard with APT to create a full-blown big wave surfing tour," said Jamie Sterling, big wave surfer and APT competitor. "The tour has been dreamed up and shaped by the surfers themselves and the APT has been great with giving the athletes a lot of say in how the events should be run. It’s been my goal to see a legitimate, world tour that travels around the globe searching out the biggest, meanest waves to compete in.

"We’ve got the Chile event locked in and we’re looking to run a contest at Pe’ahi (aka: JAWS) this winter, and also scoping out venues in Australia, Tahiti, South Africa and France. It’s awesome being involved with the tour while it’s still in an early development stage. The APT is holding down the business side of the program and leaving the contest formats, locations, etc, all to the surfers and competitors. I’m really optimistic for the future of a professional big-wave tour.”