Koby Abberton & Ryan Hipwood Claim Victory at the 2008 APT/Chile, Pichilemu World Cup Tow-In Event

It was a long six month holding period with three major amber alerts. Finally, mother nature came to the table and delivered a solid 12’-15’ Hawaiian scale swell for the APT/Chile, Pichilemu World Cup Tow-In Event.

APT event directors decided to go to Chile on October 20th to monitor three potential swells in hopes of capturing the right swell for the first leg of the APT World Tour Tow-In Surfing Circuit 2008. On October 31st, the last of three swells remaining in the holding period finally came and the first event of the 2008/2009 tour season was under way.

“It was a huge gamble, however we went to Chile because we believed that it would finally happen and we wanted to show our commitment to the competitors and sponsors. The decisions we made were good and the best waves were on the very last day of the holding period!” said Eric Akiskalian, APT Founder & President.

Top 8 Finalists: 1st. Koby Abberton/Ryan Hipwood - AUS 2nd Danilo Couto/ Rodrigo Resende - BRA 3rd Evarldo Texeira/Yuri Soledad - BRA/HI 4th Sylvio Mancusi/Edilson Assuncau – BRA 5th Diego Medina/Cristobol Gonzales – CHI 6th Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker/Reinalso Ibarra – SA/CHI 7th Jamie Mitchell/Mark Vissor – AUS 8th Scott Chandler/Chuck Patterson – CA

The next scheduled APT event will be held at Pe’ahi (Jaws) on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii. The top eight finalists from Chile will have an automatic invitation to this highly-anticipated event.