The Moskito Tour is an established part of the European surfing calendar, offering young surfers of all levels the opportunity to improve their wave-riding skills.

The event is open to all surfers with categories including girls 12 and under or 16 and under, and boys 10 and under, 12 and under or 14 and under.

In 2008 the tour is getting even bigger with new events in Santander, Spain; Newquay, England and la Torche and les Sables d'Olonne, France; plus an additional stop in Guadeloupe.

Enrol in advance by {encode="" title="clicking here"}. Inscription is 5 Euros and includes lunch.


19-20 April: Costa da Caparica – Praia do Castelo, Portugal

10-11 May: Poyo Surf Club, Capesterre – Plage de Bananier, France

17-18 May : Olonna Surf Club, Les Sable d’Olonnes, France

07-08 June: Kangourou Surf Club, La Torche, France

14-15 June: Playa De Somo, Santander, Spain

21-22 June: British Surf Association, Cornwall, Newquay, UK

12-13 July: Zarautz Surf Club, Zarautz, Spain

16-17 August: Capbreton Surf Club, Capbreton, France