The search for the Monster Waves of Europe is under way. The Atlantic region along the European coastlines has had the stormiest winter season on record. Could this be the effect of global warming? Professional waterman and featured filmmaker Robby Seeger, in cooperation with Rebel media and his crew, are on the search for the Monster waves of Europe with the objective to film and produce the HD Television series 'Monster waves of Europe' scheduled to be released Summer 2008.

Robby is accompanied by some of the best and most daring surfers and tow-in surfers from different parts of our world to track the fiercest of Atlantic winter storms, locate the Monster waves generated by these systems and attempt to surf with and without the assistance of the watercraft.

The documentary style TV Series 'Monster waves of Europe' takes the viewer on the journey through the waterworld of Europe meeting the famous and infamous waterman and woman of the regions, share their stories and for the first time ever get a first hand report from the frontlines of the European Atlantic coastlines on what effect global warming has had in these areas.

Their journey leads them from Ireland to Island, Portugal, France and Spain to the Canary Islands. The first leg of the adventure has been successfully completed. On the way to Ireland the crew stopped over on the Severn River in England to ride the largest tidal wave in Europe 'The Severn Bore' with the attempt to break the long distance surfing world record. The surfers included : Pipecharger Tamayo Perry from Hawaii, his wife and female standout surfer Emilia Perry, Big wave legend Shaun Dickson from Australia and World champion Windsurfer and the producer of the show Robby Seeger.

The four met up in Ireland with the professional big wave surfer Jamie Sterling from Hawaii. It was in Ireland where Shaun and Robby successfully rode some of the biggest waves ever surfed in the region.

The adventure will continue from September through the winter of 07/08.