Dig 'em out! Trade 'em in! Rip Curl loves 'em all.

With less than a week until the in-store event at Rip Curl Europe’s flagship Pro store in Newquay, the UK’s first ever national ‘Wetsuit Amnesty’ has been receiving the praise and support of the nations surfing community vowing to join Rip Curl’s commitment to protecting the environment.

Unused wetsuits have already begun arriving at the Newquay store in advance of this weekend’s event which will kick off at 6pm on Saturday (May 2nd) with live music in-store from local band Albenaza and the free giveaway* of Project Resurrection Flip Flops in return for wetsuits brought in throughout day.

Cornwall’s local surfers have been preparing for the Wetsuit Amnesty by digging out their old rubber, including Rip Curl surfer and Eco Ambassador Tom Lowe who spoke on BBC Radio Cornwall last week, saying, “as a surfer, I’ve always recycled and tried to do what I can for the environment, everyone in Cornwall must have an old wetsuit, probably an old florescent one” (which they could bring along). Pro surfer Jayce Robinson has also been dusting off his unused wetsuits and commented “it’s great to have a worthwhile use for these old suits, generally if my old suits are still usable I pass them onto other surfers, but these have definitely had it so they'll make some great slaps! It’s great that Rip Curl are so committed to the environment". As well as surfers and wetsuit owners nationwide, Facebook’s online community has also been mobilized via Rip Curl’s Wetsuit Amnesty event page, with group members posting positive comments about the initiative and pledging to attend the event in support of Rip Curl’s environmental initiatives. Rip Curl’s UK Marketing Manager James Hendy said, “it’s fantastic to see everyone backing this event and getting actively involved with sustainable products. We’re (Rip Curl) really proud to produce the largest range of ecological products in the surf sports industry and it’s great that we can share that with so many people directly, giving the results straight back to them.”

Along with the free giveaway of Project Resurrection Flip Flops for wetsuits brought in throughout the day Rip Curl are also offering free travel journals with in-store purchases and the chance to win a trip to Tahiti for 2 people to see first hand the work of Rip Curl’s Coral Guard activity. In addition to the Wetsuit Amnesty activity in-store on Saturday (May 2nd) there will also be the chance to meet Rip Curl’s pro team and eco-ambassadors, discover Rip Curl’s Planet Foundation environmental initiatives, and a very special Rip Curl SEARCH WCT event announcement to be made directly from Rip Curl HQ at Bells Beach Australia, which will shed some light on the top secret location of event number 9 on the 2009 ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) World Championship Tour. The in-store event will be followed directly by the official after-party, starting at 9pm, at Newquay’s Koola Bar with the film premier of Rip Curl’s RUBBER SOUL II.

Come along to the store on Saturday May 2nd from 6pm to be a part of Rip Curl’s leading initiatives to protect the environment, and bring your old wetsuits with you!

For more information on Project Resurrection, Rip Curl Planet Foundation, and The Search WCT event visit www.ripcurl.com and Search for us on Facebook.com (“Rip Curl Wetsuit Amnesty”).

*Project Resurrection Flip Flops will be available in limited numbers and sizes from 6pm on Saturday 2nd May 2009.