This came through on email from our friends at Wildcoast. We try and help promote them where ever we can because what they're doing is incredibly important (err ... fostering respect for the oceans and coastlines throughout Latin America. A HUGE job which they've taken on with creativity and, so far, disproportionate success).

We hope you will feel the urge to head to this site and vote for them, too!

Hello all,

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WiLDCOAST is nominated for Charity of the Year for the 1st Annual Classy Awards, to be Held on November 14th.

The Stay Classy Foundation is recognizing members and organizations that are taking action in improving the San Diego Community.

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Please click on the link to vote! Its easy. Even though you have to do a little registration you will not get bombarded with emails. Just a thanks for voting. They do it to regulate voting.