Central California Leg of Tom Jones 'California Paddle' Environmental Awareness Campaign for our Oceans

On Saturday Tom Jones's environmental awareness California Paddle launched from Pillar Point out to the legendary Mavericks surf spot. Tom is drawing world-wide attention to the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. A recent study has found that there is six times more plastic in the ocean than plankton off the coast of California.

A United Nations Environmental Report estimated that there is more than 5.76 million tons of plastic in our oceans. To put that in perspective, that's enough to put 2/3 of California in a plastic bags!

Tom has been planning for the California Paddle for over a year now. His message is not just simple, it is profound. Plastic, our modern commercial answer to packaging and transport is literally chocking our world's oceans. He decided to do something about this with a project that would bring attention to this environmental catastrophe. Tom began training and preparing and organized a solid team for the journey.

The coast is watching. The weather has been favorable with just a few days of contentious wind blown chop on the ocean surface, otherwise a perfect blessing of celebrating the California Coast for a great cause.