The 2007 Taiji Dolphin Campaign, commencing October 26th 2007, is an international media event bringing together the Japanese surf community, mainstream celebrities and the global surfing culture's most influential surfers to the village of Taiji in the south of Japan, where thousands of dolphins and small whales are brutally slaughtered every year for profit. Through the domestic and international media, this campaign will expose the genocide of Japan’s cetaceans and the poisoning of Japan’s people.

Dolphins and small Whales in Japan are being wiped out by commercial fishermen in numbers of roughly 26,000 a year. The dolphin/whale meat that is then sold to people in Japan and Asia is extremely poisonous due to dangerously high levels of Mercury and heavy metals. This meat is being fed to school children throughout Japan under a government assisted program.

There are many threats to Dolphins and Whales on Earth right now, but none as serious as in Japans coastal waters.

As surfers, we have the closest relationship to Dolphins and Whales out of any human culture, no one will feel the sadness of losing a species of Dolphin/Whale more than us. No one has more of a responsibility to honor and protect them than us.

In late October 2007, some of the biggest names in surfing are going to the site of the annual ''dolphin drives'' to reveal their own method to stopping this madness.

If you feel compelled to join them in Japan, or wish to help stop the extermination of Dolphins, and the poisoning of Japan's people, visit:

Mercury Poisoning information.

Mercury poisoning in Japanese Schools.

Words by Dave Rastovich