Lihue, Kauai – Reports have been flowing in from our sources on the Hawaiian island of Kauai about the protests and demonstrations that have prevented the new “Superferry” from docking here, literally forcing the megaship to back out of Nawiliwili Harbor. Previously, a state judge had barred the unseemly vessel from making landfall at Kahului harbor on Maui.

The $95 million ship is designed to carry more than 800 passengers and 200 cars on round trips between Honolulu and Kauai or Maui at a cost of about $250 for a car and driver.

On Kauai, surfers, swimmers, spongers, and paddlers joined with other citizens and representatives of several environmental groups to turn away the floating behemouth, awakening state courts to the fact that adequate Environmental Impact Statements had not been required.

Meanwhile, the ACLU was poised to help defend the surfers and water people who were arrested as the Coast Guard announced its intentions of imposing 10-year jail sentences and $32,500 fines.

“It’s total bullshit!” said a Surfer’s Path correspondent on Kauai. “You can literally murder someone and get less jail time! This is Bush's homeland security, and the fascist police state putting fear into people. I'm working with a 22-year-old surfer whose mom is terrified. So far, I think there are 14 people charged. Perhaps Surfer’s Path readers can help out?”

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Words: Drew Kampion