But the surf sucks...

Huge seas and 80+mph winds battered Western Europe's coastline earlier this week but offered little in the way of quality surf. Coastlines came under sustained attack from a combination of hurricane force winds and high spring tides as a series of low pressures - one of them dropping to 940mb at the centre - wheeled across the north Atlantic. While Cornwall and Wales took the brunt of the storms it seems the most damage occurred down in the Basque country where Guethary and Capbreton both took a battering from the giant storm waves.

We got sent a bunch of storm pics so we thought we'd put them up here for your enjoyment.

Hight tide at St. Agnes Monday March 10th. Photo by Atlanta Cook.

Capbreton in France lost 19m of its famous breakwall...

plus a few bits broken here and there ... Photos by YEP

Meanwhile Guethary took the high tides and massive seas full on in the face. Photos by YEP/Nick Gammon

The tiny fishing harbour lost several chunk of its sea wall while rocks, machinery and general debris were strewn around "like it was a warzone," said one local.