Save Trestles Campaign wins in San Diego: City Council Votes To Support California State Parks

The Surfrider Foundation's Save Trestles campaign has won a major victory, as the San Diego City Council voted 6-2 to approve a resolution "supporting the examination and implementation of feasible alternative transportation projects, including improvements to Highway 5 that do not impact San Onofre State Beach, or other park lands, and beaches."

The Surfrider Foundation and its coalition partners maintain that a proposed extension to the SR-241 toll road will result in adverse impacts to a significant portion of San Onofre State Beach Park and the surrounding beach and watershed environment. San Diego now joins Los Angeles, San Francisco and a dozen other cities in passing resolutions supporting efforts to protect San Onofre State Beach Park resources.

The Surfrider Foundation and its coalition partners were unsuccessful in their efforts to secure support from the San Diego City Council a year ago. "Last year many of the City Council members commented that they just didn't understand the issue well enough to support the resolution," said Surfrider Foundation San Diego Chapter spokesperson Bill Hickman.

"I think the fact that we spent the past year meeting with them, showing them the evidence, and then received a favorable vote speaks volumes." San Diego City Council members supporting the resolution include Scott Peters, Kevin Faulconer, Toni Atkins, Tony Young, Brian Maienschein and Donna Frye.

With this victory in hand, the Surfrider Foundation is now free to focus on an upcoming hearing by the California Coastal Commission to determine if plans for the SR-241 toll road extension are consistent with California Coastal Act.

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