This just in from the Surfrider Foundation…

Surfrider Foundation has received a copy of an addendum that was just released by the California Coastal commission staff and submitted to the commissioners for tomorrows meeting.

It states:

“A review of the TCA’s newly submitted Runoff Management Plan reveals that it is quite probable an increase in fine sediment will occur. Additionally, the flow velocities in San Mateo Creek are likely to be reduced. Either result will impact the continued existence of the cobble delta. Therefore, the Commission concludes that the proposed toll road will likely affect the specific mix of sediments, sands and cobbles thus resulting in an impact to the surfing resources.”

The report then goes on to say...

“If adverse effects occurred, they would be unmitigable and irreversible.”

Again, this is the finding of the California Coastal Commission staff – an independent and non-partisan agency whose sole responsibility is to safeguard our beaches and coastlines, by enforcing the Califirnia Coastal Act.

Don’t let our Trestles be destroyed! Please attend the Coastal Commission hearing and let your voice be heard!