Save The Waves aims to promote Carbon Offsetting to the Surfing Community

Save The Waves Coalition has announced that it is offsetting its carbon emissions through the CarbonFree Surfing program, a partnership between Carbonfund, one of the country’s leading carbon offset organizations, and GreenSurf, a nonprofit focused on surfing’s sustainable future.

Save The Waves has agreed to offset all of its emissions from its day-to-day operations, as well as those of its Surf Ambassadors when they are traveling on behalf of the organization. Save The Waves has also committed to promote carbon offsetting throughout the surfing community. This commitment establishes Save The Waves as an environmental leader in the nonprofit community and demonstrates the proactive steps the organization is taking in the fight against global climate change.

Save The Waves’ members and supporters are very concerned about global warming. Considering the implications of climate change, carbon offsets through Carbonfund are a natural extension of the work Save The Waves does on behalf of its stakeholders.

“The decision to offset is a no brainer for Save The Waves” says executive director Dean LaTourrette. “Even though we’re an environmental nonprofit, we still contribute to emissions through our normal operations, particularly with the international travel that we do. We heard about the CarbonFree Surfing program through other leaders in the industry, and it just makes a lot of sense – surfers probably travel more than any other recreational group. Save The Waves is also in a good position to promote the program throughout the surfing community, so we think it’s important to show environmental leadership by joining the program ourselves.”

“Using the CarbonFree Surfing program makes perfect sense,” says Dean. “It allows us to offset our own carbon footprint in our efforts to protect surfing coastline, and also gives us the opportunity to promote carbon offsetting throughout our surfing and environmental communities.”

“We are stoked to have Save The Waves join our surfing focused program,” says Michael Stewart, partnerships manager for Carbonfund. “It just underlines that saving waves around the planet from destruction, means dealing with the climate impact of your actions. Global warming is directly affecting our oceans and coasts with rising sea levels, stronger storms and destruction of reefs. So reducing and offsetting your CO2 emissions is right in line with keeping a pulp mill or marina from mowing over your favorite break.”