Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) has welcomed the news that Wave Hub has received its planning approval from the Government and look forward at the prospect of clean and safe energy being generated from Cornwall’s waves in 2009.

SAS believe offshore renewable technologies have the potential to deliver an abundance of clean and safe energy in the UK, offsetting our reliance on some of the energy technologies in use today that are hugely damaging and polluting to the water environment.

Projects like Wave Hub will help the UK meet it’s renewable energy targets and should be seen as an effective technology in combating climate change, which could be hugely damaging for recreational water users, including surfers in the future, due to predicted poorer water quality and rising sea levels.

SAS will continue to examine the placement of all offshore renewable energy technologies on a case-by-case basis. And like Wave Hub, SAS will insist on the need for ongoing monitoring once a project is operational. Andy Cummins, SAS Campaigns Officer says: “Wave Hub’s government approval is good news for Cornwall and for the future of renewable energy generation in the UK. We look forward to using the same energy we’ve used to ride waves to light up our homes as well.”