San Clemente, California - On the afternoon on October 11th of 2007, Ocean Minded Sandals went down to Trestles state park to have their next stop on the “NO ONE LIKES A DIRTY BEACH” tour. With from the team at Electric Visual and about two dozen volunteers, Trestles State park was cleaned from the top parking lot, both trails leading down to the beach, and the beach itself.

The effort was put in place to not only clean the beach and park, but also to raise awareness for the upcoming vote for the extension of the 241 toll road. The extension of the 241 is going to run directly through Trestles state park and disrupt the natural flow of the preserve. It has become a very important issue for the people in the area and beyond, sparking numerous committees in opposition to the toll road.

The cleanup went on only for two hours but the cleaning crew was still able to collect approximately 100 lbs of trash. The garbage that was found was unbelievable ranging from tires to rusted metal polls to a pair of espresso machines. Gary Ward, president and founder of Ocean Minded had this to say: "Trestles is my backyard and is such a special place to California, it is an honor to go down there and do my part to keep such a wonderful place nice for the next people that come along. I can only hope that we send the message to everyone so that every time someone goes there, they will do their part and pick up trash that is laying around.”

Ocean Minded, founded in 1997, has been doing beach cleanups all over the country since day one. It is the brainchild of Gary Ward and he considers it just as important as the product they distribute. The “NO ONE LIKES A DIRTY BEACH” tour is a global action to clean beaches and raise awareness to all people about the importance or taking care of our surrounding environment.

The tour will be making frequent stops all over Orange County through out the next two months. There is a stop in Laguna Beach on October 20th, next in San Clemente on November 3rd, and then in Huntington Beach on November 10th. All the events start at 9 in the morning. If there are any questions, please contact Ocean Minded at (949) 369 5057.