Ocean Minded’s ongoing effort to clean and protect the world’s beaches and oceans has now reached China. On Saturday October 18th, the company partnered with Shanghai International Studies University to host its first beach clean-up in China, at Jingshan Beach in Shanghai.

“I am so proud to see such a successful first beach clean up in China. Since our first clean up in 1996 it has been my dream to clean beaches all over the world and make a difference in our planet,” stated Gary Ward, Founder of Ocean Minded.

For several hours, more than 30 people with cleaning supplies in hand combed the beach to collect and properly dispose of all the trash that had been left in the area. Over the course of the clean up, the group was able to amass over a dozen large bags of trash and recyclable materials, leaving the beach debris free.

Since the beginning of 2008 Ocean Minded has hosted more than 35 clean ups worldwide including more than 8 in China, Japan, Panama, Mexico, Australia, and South Africa.