Are you going out for a drink or a bite to eat in the UK this weekend? If you are, do you fancy doing SAS a favour? They need you to sign up your local bar/pub/restaurant to their No Butts On The Beach campaign.

After July the 1st, smokers in these establishments in the UK will be kicked outside to smoke. SAS need your local drinking den to provide static butt bins outside for smokers to dispose of their butts responsibly. A static butt bin can be as simple as a bucket with some sand in it or as flashy as a freestanding stainless steel butt bin. With these static butt bins, SAS also need some signage that will alert the smoker to the bin and what it’s for. Again, this doesn’t have to be anything expensive, it just needs to tell smokers that they can put out their butts there.

Why do we need this? Well, the cigarette butt is already the most littered item in the world:

- Cigarette butts are one of the most commonly found litter items on beaches around the UK.

- They are not biodegradable, but made from 12,000 plastic fibres.

- 1 cigarette butt can take up to 15 years to break down.

- Each cigarette butt can pollute 3 litres of seawater.

- Cigarette butts are often mistaken for food by marine wildlife.

- Providing static butt bins gives smokers an easy alternative to dropping their butts on the floor. We are not trying to alienate smokers, preach at them or shame them.

If you sign up your local, SAS will add them to the growing list of responsible establishments already signed up. They will be listed on the SAS website and they will send them an SAS No Butts On The Beach campaign sticker.