The Central Pacific Chamber of Commerce Inaugurates Costa Rica’s Beach Cleaning Machines in Jaco Beach

As Costa Rica’s international acclaim and popularity grows, so does its need for effective waste management to keep its natural spaces pristine. Among the most heavily visited areas, the country’s world-famous beaches are the most susceptible to the exploits of an exploding tourism industry.

As part of its commitment to improve the quality and future of Jaco Beach – Costa Rica’s most popular beach destination - the Central Pacific Chamber of Commerce inaugurated the country’s first beach cleaning machines this September.

Donated by DayStar Properties, a leading condominium developer in Jaco Beach, the machines are a milestone accomplishment for the Chamber’s ‘Todos Juntos por un mejor Jaco’ campaign. To help enable a better future for Jaco Beach, DayStar donated two machines, including the impressive Beach King II, built by Rockland Manufacturing in Bedford, Pennsylvania, which is widely used on heavily touristed beaches throughout the world.

“This is a huge step for Jaco Beach, and for Costa Rica. With the country’s first beach cleaning machines operating in Jaco, we expect a lot of national attention will be focused on the success of our beach cleaning program,” said Christina Truitt, co-director of the Central Pacific Chamber of Commerce in Costa Rica. “We are already seeing a considerable difference in the quality and appearance of Jaco Beach, and the machines have only been in operation for a few weeks now.”

Pulled by a John Deere tractor, the machines will clean the entire stretch of Jaco Beach, an estimated 2.5 miles (or 4 km) of wide sandy beach. In a joint effort by the Jaco Municipality and Chamber of Commerce, the machines are set to operate on a daily basis, cleaning small stones, litter and drift wood from the sand through a dig and sift process.

Costa Rica’s most popular beach town, Jaco Beach experiences heavy tourist traffic year-round and has long faced the challenges of ongoing maintenance to keep the environment clean. For obvious reasons, the community is very excited about the new machines. The recent inauguration event was embraced with great enthusiasm as all are excited to see a better, cleaner future for Jaco, Costa Rica.