Surfer's Point could be Western Australia’s first beach to get National Surfing Reserve status.

Reserve status would mean surfers are legally recognised as the principle user group and would therefore be the first stakeholders to be consulted in the event of any development on the site. As well as potentially protecting land from development, the reserve includes a minimum of 500m of ocean. Surfers, a term which encompasses all coastal users who don’t use motorised crafts, can decide if they want the sea part of the reserve extended.

Eastern states beaches have already been awarded National Surfing Reserve status in an effort to protect their integrity including Angourie, Bondi, Crescent Head, Cronulla, Maroubra, Manly and North Narrabeen. Other Western Australian beaches to be considered for National Surfing Reserve status are in Yallingup, Kalbarri, Gnaraloo and Red Bluff. National Surfing Reserves chairperson Brad Farmer says there have already been strong expressions of interest from Margaret River locals to pursue the reserve title. He invites community members to nominate themselves for the steering committee.

The committee will determine which surfing breaks are of national iconic significance, where the boundaries of the national surf reserves should be and work alongside Yallingup’s steering committee. If a committee is formed by the end of this year, Mr Farmer said people can expect an official State declaration of reserves by summer 2009. “It is up to the Margaret River community to demonstrate they can pull this one off,” Mr Farmer said. Margaret River Boardriders Club president Reg Massie was in full support of the move. “The (Boardriders) Club would welcome any action to secure the point and recognise its lace in surfing history,” he said.

Anyone interested in being in the local steering committee can email Brad Farmer at {encode="" title=""}