Coastal Cleanup Day - The 1st Annual 'Getting Our Town Back' Celebration & Cleanup

HelpBlueWater is asking Laguna Beach residents to be a part of an entertaining solution today as they celebrate The 1st Annual Getting Our Town Back Celebration & Cleanup. This event is to be held on Coastal Cleanup Day - Saturday September 15th, 2007 @ Lagunas Aliso Beach. The whole idea is to turn Coastal Cleanup Day into a celebration of the town and its artists.

The day begins with a comprehensive cleanup effort for towns, beaches, canyons, hills and trails from 9am - 12 noon. Residents are first encouraged to cleanup their favorite area by first picking up bags and gloves from one of several cleanup up stations.

The HelpBlueWater Main Station is located at Aliso Beach. All-day parking passes can be received at the sites check-in station. HelpBlueWater Station #2 (Laguna Canyon) is located in front of the Sawdust Art Festival, 935 Laguna Canyon Road (Frontage Rd.), Station #3 (Hill & Trails) is located at Alta Laguna Park trail entrance.

For Main Beach, Crescent Beach, Oak Street, Treasure Island and Lower Aliso Creek contact: Clean Water Now at 949.497-4816, {encode="" title=""}. Immediately following the cleanup HelpBlueWater asks Laguna residents to gather at Aliso Beach for the celebration stage of the day.

Bring your family and friends and something to share for the community Pot-Luck. Victoria Skimboards is organizing a Skimming exhibition at the site of the annual Skim Boarding World Championships.

In addition, there will be a Blue Water Sandcastle Contest and all day live entertainment by several of Lagunas most outstanding musicians, artists, poets and performers (i.e. Jason Feddy, Anthony Jazzo, Nick Hernadez (of Common Sense), Flamenco/Classical guitar master Eric Henderson, OMalley Jones, Victoria Hazlett, poet John Gardiner and several others.